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10 Ways to Eat Healthy At a Chinese Restaurant

Eating in a Chinese restaurant is something most of us like, owing to the taste that the Chinese food brings to us. It is also relatively inexpensive as compared to the other food items.

However, some of us are under the wrong impression that the food served in Chinese restaurant is healthy too, since there are good amounts of vegetables used in them.

The truth is that not all the places that serve Chinese food follow the basic principles that are followed while preparing these food items in the mainland, China. In order to bring in American taste to the food, various flavors are added and thus the ill effects of these are high on the person who consumes them.

Thus, in order to enjoy the best of Chinese food, one has to make sure that he eats only from a Chinese restaurant where hygiene and right method of preparation is given prime importance.

  1. Choose a good hygienic Chinese restaurant
    Make sure that you choose a restaurant that looks clean and offers you good food. Avoid places that provide you with an option of eating unlimited food for a fixed price. Such places might be following low standards of cooking and use poor quality materials to make sure that they provide you with the maximum for a very nominal price that you pay.
  2. It would be ideal to begin with soup
    The advantage of starting with soup at a Chinese restaurant lies in the fact that it helps you take in less fat and fills you up, when it is time for main course. Thus, you eat less amount of food and remain healthy.

    The problems with Chinese appetizers are that they are high on calories and might lead to ruining your diet. The chicken and pork are some food items that contain the highest amount of fat and calories. Though it is common in a Chinese restaurant to have the fried noodles served till your main course comes in, avoiding it would do a lot of good to your stomach.

  3. Choose the main course wisely
    The best thing to do when you are looking for main course in a Chinese restaurant would be to go with those items that have more vegetables as compared to meat. Choosing seafood and chicken over high calorie food items like pork and beef would help you reduce on intake of fat. Choosing two dishes rich in meat and vegetables respectively and mixing them would help you strike a balance.
  4. Stay away from dishes that have fat
    The description in the menu will help you figure out the fatty dishes. Avoid them and make sure you eat only those items where the meat is not fried before being saute.
  5. Avoid items that have excess carbohydrates
    When at a Chinese restaurant, the tendency to have various kinds of sauce is high. One has to note that these food items have high amount of carbohydrates and sugar content in them. In case you are diabetic, you need to avoid them to make sure that the ill effects of Chinese food are minimized.
  6. Intake as less rice as possible
    It is a known fact that rice is rich in carbohydrates. Since, fried rice is one among the specialties of Chinese restaurant, make sure that you avoid the intake of large amount of rice. Choosing brown rice would be beneficial to you, as it contains good amount of fiber in it. It would be worth noting the fact that at least 45 g of fat is present in one average cup of rice.
  7. Cut down on sodium
    Order only those food items that have light sauce. Using the sauce with steamed rice is permissible as compared to fried rice. Use hot sauce, as the amount of sodium content in it is low.
  8. Order minimum and share
    It would be advisable to order just one item and share it with your friend to make sure that you eat as little as possible. Be it soup or rice, share it.
  9. Use chopsticks at a Chinese restaurant
    Though it is true that chopsticks reduce your speed at the table, the positive side is that it makes you intake as little food as possible. Thus, using them in place of a fork and knife would add more Chinese flavor to your meal and keep you healthy too.

    For those who is clueless or have no idea how to use a chopsticks, here’s a clip you can learn how to hold one:

  10. Dessert is the best part
    Eating good fruits and ice-cream with dry fruits and walnuts would make your meal at a Chinese restaurant as good as it could ever be.

To find delicious and healthy Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant is not difficult as long as you browse through the menu carefully.

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