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  • Working Overtime May Increase Your Depression

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    Working overtime has become the common norm nowadays. Working hours extends late into the night. In fact, most of the jobs demand a working time of eleven hours. You feel completely enervated at the end of the day’s work, only to be ready to take up the workload next day. As expected, the cons...

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  • What Happens When Your Child Has Amblyopia?

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    Many children suffer from amblyopia, also known as “lazy eyes”. It occurs when the vision in one eye is not developed to its fullest capacity. Left untreated, this condition may affect the vision permanently. As the child adapts to the condition of less vision in one eye, his brain fa...

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  • Get The Facts On These Lesser Known Childhood Illnesses

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    Childhood illnesses are part of the growing up process of every child. Children get sick once in a while and it becomes even more common once they start school. Why should you know about the childhood illnesses? It is true that as parents, with time, you become aware of the common illnesses like th...

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