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Get Rid of Panic Attacks And Anxiety Naturally

Panic attacks and anxiety might arise in a person due to various reasons. While variation in hormone level due to menstrual cycle is the reason for this in women, it can happen due to other reasons like change in serotonin levels too. Here, we focus on some of the simple but effective methods that can be used to avoid panic attacks.

The scientists of the present day have come to a conclusion that panic attacks and anxiety disorders are owing to the imbalance in chemicals that occurs in the brain. Though it was termed as a mental disorder, some years back, studies have clearly shown that anxiety arises due to chemical and hormonal imbalance too. There are various medicines like Prozac in the market that claim to help reduce the chances of panic attack and anxiety, but the effectiveness of these are not very high. The reason for this is that they bring along side effects that might lead to suicidal thoughts and loneliness in the person who is suffering from panic attacks.

Treat panic attacks and anxiety with natural methods

Taking all these into consideration, the wisest thing to do would be to search for natural methods of cure for panic attacks. Here, we put down some of the natural methods that might be of great help in this regard.

  1. Go for a jog
    One characteristic feature of panic attack is that it makes you feel like doing something drastic to get your mind off the emptiness in life. An excellent solution at this point would be to go for a run, as this kind of physical activity helps you refresh your mind and drives away the bad thoughts.
  2. Make use of pressure points
    Sometimes, problems related to breathing might show up, when a person suffers from panic attacks and the best thing to do at this point of time would be to apply pressure on the breastbone or the sternum as it is more commonly known as. This eases the panic attack and helps you breathe normally.

    panic attacks and anxiety breastbone Get Rid of Panic Attacks and Anxiety Naturally
  3. Keep your hands busy
    Panic attacks can make people do the worst of things with their hands. While some people tend to scratch themselves, some even hurt their hands by hitting it against something during anxiety. By making sure that you have your hands busy, such circumstances can be avoided greatly. Playing with a stress ball would be the best solution to such problems.
  4. Use a metronome
    Metronomes would be the best solutions to stabilize and calm you down during a panic attack. By using them, you can control your breathing pattern and thereby make sure that the impact of the panic attacks and anxiety is greatly nullified.

    panic attacks and anxiety metronome Get Rid of Panic Attacks and Anxiety Naturally
  5. Choose natural supplements
    Herbs and other natural remedies like St. John’s Wort are excellent solutions for panic attacks and depression. They are the best alternatives for artificial supplements and do not have any side effects also.

Panic attacks and anxiety due to emotional issues – relax and think

If you are sure about the fact that panic attacks in you is not owing to chemical imbalance, then try to figure out the situations or the places where you suffer from panic attacks. This would help you keep away from such circumstances and stay safe from panic attacks.

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